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KM – Days 2017
International Workshop on Knowledge Management in Aeronautics and Space


The KM –Days will be held from June 19 – 20, 2017 in Cologne, Germany and will be hosted by the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


About the Workshop

Space organizations and industry make use of a large variety of methods to capture, store, organize, and distribute key findings, Lessons Learned (LL) and Knowledge from their experts and missions. The workshop shall give an overview on how Knowledge Management (KM) systems are realized within different Space organizations and on the processes and tools which are used. For this purpose, presentations will be given by different organizations and industry and will then be the subject of group discussion. Besides the workshops and the networking activities we will offer a guided tour to the site of the German Aerospace Center in Cologne/ ESA facilities and a barbecue.



  • Establish a forum for the international space community to discuss and share best practices on Knowledge Management including Operations (methods, processes, tools).
  • Show Best Practises and Use Cases for Knowledge Management
  • Formulate recommendations for collaboration, for example by identifying use cases.
  • Create networking opportunities and build a community of practice on the topic of LL.


Workshop Format

The Workshop will consist of a series of presentations (max. 20 minutes) and demonstrations, if available. The presentation sessions will be complemented by interactive exchange like Coffee Talks/World Café. The collection of presentations and the recommendations formulated during the final wrap up session will be collected and distributed after the Workshop. Below are guidelines for the presentations with proposals for topics.


Guidelines for the Presentation:

  • Objectives and Requirements for KM system in the organization
    Requirements for collecting, assessing, validating, documenting, and infusing Knowledge Management
  • KM Methodologies, Processes and Tools
    KM three-level process: individual, project and organization, collection process, sharing, evaluation of current status, formulation of actions for improvements, supporting tools
  • KM Dissemination Strategy
    How to share knowledge within the organization and across organizations cultural and other issues related to sharing
  • Integrating KM in the core business
    How to make KM become an integral part of the day-to-day work

Typical questions to be addressed:

  • What are your benefits of implementing a KM system and how are these related to the efforts and costs involved?
  • Have you encountered barriers in the implementation of the KM and how did you solve them?
  • Do you have confidentiality/legal issues of KM, e.g. accessibility of documents or project data?
  • How did management and staff support the knowledge collection?
  • How could your KM system be further developed and improved?


To enable networking, we use many interactive formats like Marketplace and Coffee Talks between the presentations.

Who is invited to participate?

The KM Days 2017 will address and bring together managers, decision-makers and KM specialists from Aerospace organizations and industry, experienced scientists from universities, research institutions and students.


Contact us

Host Organisation:

German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Strategy and Alliances
Uwe Knodt
51170 Köln, Germany



German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Conference Secretariat and Registration Management

If you have any questions about organisation please don't hestitate to contact:

Andrea Schleich
Telefone: 0049 2203 601 3602
E-Mail: Andrea.Schleich@dlr.de

Rebecca Bartkowski
Telefone: 0049 2203 601 2316
E-Mail: Rebecca.Bartkowski@dlr.de