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Welcome to 1st TechTIDE User Workshop

Travelling ionospheric disturbances (TIDs) are changes in the ionosphere electron density due to propagating atmospheric gravity waves. Their wavelength ranges from tenth of kilometers to thousands of kilometers and their period ranges between 10 and 150 minutes. TIDs constitute a threat for operational systems using HF or transionospheric radiowave propagation. Network RTK and HF communication are typical examples for applications affected by TIDs. TIDs can impose disturbances of an amplitude of 20% of the ambient electron density and a Doppler shift of the level of 0.5Hz.

TechTIDE is a project in the European Union Horizon 2020 COMPET-Space Weather Call 2017. The overarching objective of TechTIDE is to design and test new viable TID impact mitigation strategies for the technologies affected. Close collaboration with operators of these technologies is implemented to demonstrate the added value of the proposed mitigation techniques.

Please visit the TechTIDE website Tech-TIDE.eu for more information.

The 1st TechTIDE user workshop shall bring together users and developers of the TID monitoring and warnings. The first release of the TechTIDE system will be demonstrated. Users are invited to present their applications and explain the impact and mitigation of TID effects in their systems. Following user contributions adressing ionosphere impact are anticipated:

  • RTK services
  • Radio astronony
  • Radio communication and geolocation applications
  • GBAS & SBAS applications

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