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Materials Colloquium 2019

The Institute of Materials Research of the German Aerospace Center invites you to the annual Materials Colloquium on Tuesday, 03 December 2019, on the DLR campus in Cologne.

Machine learning meets ab-initio simulation – A revolution in materials research?

Big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning – we are used to talk about these technologies in the context of Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0. Since a quite short period of time, however, they sneak into the theater of material research, mingle with digital tools like ab-initio simulation, micro-scale materials simulation and high-throughput analysis to something which is now called materials informatics. And recently, but hesitantly, quantum computing jumps in, threatening or rather promising to turn the way how to do materials research upside-down. This new arena of digital technologies creates thrilling opportunities but also distressing questions and uncertainties.

In the frame of our annual materials colloquium and together with renown experts we will light up the scene and work out scenarios of quantum machine learning based materials engineering. We look forward to a program of pace-making presentations and exciting discussions about the future of a digitalized materials research. Please register by 25 November 2019. Participation is for free. The number of participants is limited.


Prof. Dr. Heinz Voggenreiter